We only install Speck swimming pool pumps. These are the only decent make of pool pump available in South Africa and they come with a standard minimum 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

The Speck Pumps range of swimming pool pumps is our preferred brand of pool pump to install since we have found that Speck pool pumps are completely reliable and  repairs are easily done since the after sales service at Speck Pumps is terrific and are locally manufactured and therefore spares are easily obtained.

Speck pumps have a higher flow rate than any other brand of swimming pool pump in South Africa in the same size/class. Their unique impeller design allows for greater suction through the pump diffuser which in turn pushes a greater volume of water through the pool filter and  pipes than other pool pumps in their class.

General pool pump to pool filter combination ratings

Pool size

Pool filter

Pool pump

Up to 55 000 L

2 Bag filter

0.45kw or 0.6kw pump

55 000 L - 75 000 L

3 Bag filter

0.75kw pump

75 000 L - 85 000 L

4 Bag filter

1.1kw pump

85 000 L and upwards

5 Bag filter

1.5kw pump

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