A new filter can drastically improve the clarity of your pool's water by allowing proper flow and circulation of the water and chemicals. This also allows for good filtration and sanitation.
A simple sand change will also suffice, on the other hand, although an old filter can still restrict flow and cause a negative effect on your pool's clarity.

The swimming pool filter is the heart of the filtration system. The pool filter must be matched according to the volume of water in the pool and should be paired with the correctly rated swimming pool pump.  Filter sand can easily get clogged up with fine dirt and leaves as well as dog hair which is why the pool filter should be backwashed and rinsed at least once per week in order to loosen and get rid of dirt.

General pool pump to pool filter combination ratings

Pool size

Pool filter

Pool pump

Up to 55 000 L

2 Bag filter

0.45kw or 0.6kw pump

55 000 L - 75 000 L

3 Bag filter

0.75kw pump

75 000 L - 85 000 L

4 Bag filter

1.1kw pump

85 000 L and upwards

5 Bag filter

1.5kw pump

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