This pool belongs to the British High Commission in Pretoria. The pool was cracked right in the middle and from the top of the wall right down to the floor. We chased Y10 reinforced steel bar "staples" into the concrete at varying widths so as to prevent creating new fault lines on either side of the existing crack.

We then filled the crack with Cemcrete Pool Crack Filler. 3 days later when the crack filler had dried sufficiently we plastered over the repaired area flush with the original concrete/plaster. We then proceeded to fibreglass over the damaged area which was eventually very difficult to distinguish between new and old paint. 

The only way to distinguish properly between old fibreglass and a newly repaired section of fibreglass should be the new mosaic sheet at the top of the wall under the copings, as is the case above, and sometimes the slightly darker shade of the fresh gelcoat paint next to the slightly faded original gelcoat.    

We do expert crack repairs to marblite pools too, using Cemcrete pool crack filler and Y10 steel staples as mentioned above.

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