Marble pool plaster has been used successfully to re-line swimming pools for many years and is still considered to be the most durable of pool linings. We have worked on numerous swimming pools which were plastered with marble plaster over 20 years ago and besides being rough and stained, the marble plaster which is commonly referred to as "marblite" or "marbelite", was still attached to the walls and the pools were still holding water!

Marbelite comes in various colours but the most popular colours are white, sky blue and charcoal. Darker colours are notorious for being uneven in shade or slightly blotchy. This is widely considered to be the result of calcium present in the water used to mix the marblite, as well as the absorption of calcium from the water during the curing process.

Marbelite takes around 3 weeks to cure under water and, as mentioned above, this happens due to calcium being absorbed by the freshly plastered marblite. Initially, the marblite is quite soft and can easily be scratched or damaged with excessive brushing and/or the addition of too much pool acid. For this reason it is important to remember not to add too much pool acid in the first 3 - 4 weeks.

We only use Cemcrete pool plaster to remarblite pools since Cemcrete's plaster gives the smoothest finish of any marble plaster on the market. Besides that, Cemcrete has been manufacturing pool plaster the longest.

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Marbelite Pools

This 3 tier pool is comprised of a spa flowing into a main pool flowing over into a trough. The spa and the pool are both heated via a single heat pump.  
This pool was marbelited with sky blue marbelite which goes very nicely with the 3 tone blue mosaic tiles.
Striking Wet Edge Pool Design, Rim flow Spa flowing into a main pool flowing over into a trough. The spa and the pool are both heated via a single heat pump.  
Brickwork complete..
Fanishing edge.. Also known as "negitive edge" or "infinity edge" this feature offers the illusion that the pool (or spa) water is pouring over the edge of pool into another body of water, or perhaps down a hillside.
Raised Pool Spa.. this is great way to add beauty and function to any existing pool. "Raised" simply means that the level of spa water is higher than the level of the swimming pool. Thus, its a natural feature to allow the water from spa to "spillover" into the swimming pool. Most of our swimming pool spa's are custom built from concrete.
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