Show Pools Leak Detectors  are water leak detection specialists in the Johannesburg area. Overpressure water leak detection is an extremely effective solution for locating hidden water leaks. Underground water leaks can be caused by aging water pipes, corrosion, faulty installations, inferior  materials or excessively high water pressures. Overpressure water leak detection is one of the best solutions for finding water leaks that are situated below ground.

Unusually high water accounts, the sound of running water when all taps are closed and the presence of damp spots on walls, on paving and lawns without an evident source for the damp are all indications of the existence of a hidden water leak.  Not taking action quickly can have very costly consequences for property owners with regards to property upkeep and maintenance.

Specially trained water leak detection staff, proficient at finding leaks, can quickly locate every type of concealed water leak. Accurately pinpointing the water leaks in and around your home or business with minimal disruption to your property. That means no excessive digging. This non-destructive method of detecting leaking water is both an accurate and reliable method of  leak detection when detecting the presence and location of water leaks.

Show Pools  Leak Detectors specifically specialise in swimming pools and pool leak detection, For pool owners with leaking pools we also provide professional pool leak repair. Our expertise and knowledge comes from many years of servicing the swimming pool industry in Johannesburg.

Safe, accurate and efficient water leak detection services in the Johannesburg  North area that you can rely on.

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